It does not matter how good your website is, without a strong content strategy people will not find you.


So, whilst everyone can write about their business/industry, if you want your website to be found by users when they enter specific search terms, you need good content to support this strategy, that means using experts to deliver this.


With an SEO-friendly website and high-quality web content, your website traffic will increase, resulting in more leads for your business.


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search engine optimisation (seo) Services

So many people are still confused (rightly so) as to why SEO content is important, so here it is in a nutshell.

1. It supports your credibility within an industry.

People trust credible sources and Google ranks websites higher if they publish relevant, trustworthy content it can send users to. So, the more informed your content, which in turn becomes a ‘source’ of information for people, the better.

2. Increase Awareness.

If you post share-worthy content on your website, it can go viral and help you increase awareness. We post content that not only fulfills the search intent of users, but that is so good it is shareable.

3. It helps your customers

By creating a better user experience. People want transparency so they can easily understand what you do and read content that answers their questions. We can Copywrite content that is easy to digest for the reader, whilst getting your messages across.

4. It makes you easier to find…

The better keyword and search term rich content you have, the higher you rank in search engines. We have the tools to investigate the best keywords and search terms for your business/industry to make sure you appear in search engine results before competitors

A Few ideas on content...

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Website Content

Website content is also known as onsite content. Search optimised web copy will be created so it is unique to you and focused on making sure your website visitors understand what you do, answer any questions they have and ensure they follow the clear call to actions.


We provide copywriting services that not only include on-page search optimisation but also support sales conversions. 

Blog Content

Once the main content of your website is completed, you then need to create a content strategy that supports a stream of relevant and topical releases to support keeping you high in the rankings and customers’ minds. Blog content is a great source of onsite copy that provides searchable content direct from your business or brand.


Releasing new blogs is a great solution to showing search engines your site is relevant and regularly updated. We provide regular onsite posting solutions to keep your followers engaged and to assist in keeping your social media strategy powered-up.

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Guest Blogging & Article Writing

Becoming a voice of authority in any industry is a key marketing tactic. Therefore, authoring content for popular websites within your industry is a great way to not only build website authority but also give outstanding brand awareness.


We at Handy can help you build these important links by submitting guest articles to websites. These articles help drive organic traffic to your website and increase your online visibility – both important aspects of a good search strategy.

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Organic Social Behaviours

The biggest key to success in an online optimisation strategy is content… hands down.


Whether you need to optimise your web page descriptions or your social media profile, the content provided for each of the accounts representing your business connects to a network of search engine optimisation tasks that overall increase your search ranking. We can help you optimise all the different areas to deliver a bigger digital footprint for your business. 

Social Media Content

A social media strategy is nothing without a stellar content strategy. Together, the two work side by side to help increase your search engine ranking.


Providing consistent and relevant topics on your social media pages is a task that many businesses easily overlook, we can plan your content to make sure you have a stream of relevant topics being released that will support attracting the right audience.

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Digital Brochures

With the changes we have seen to business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can easily convert traditional brochures into a digital brochure to get back to getting your business in front of a wide audience.


With an interactive, digital brochure (sometimes known as an E-Brochure or eBook) you can create a unique and inspirational way to interact with your customers by adding videos, images, and animations, plus they are fully searchable with keywords, making them excellent additions to any website.

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