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Most people believe that if someone has a phone, and can vaguely spell, they can easily be a social media manager. After all, it is just messing around on Facebook right… wrong, social media marketing is not an admin job and takes some skill and know-how to develop great channels, something we are good at, just take a look at our testimonials.


With services starting from just £75 below are some ideas on how we can support you.



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Social media Services

All our social media and digital services are specifically designed to help support small business marketing 

Social Media Management

What business does not want to increase followers, improve post engagement rates and gain access to new clients online? With the Handy Social Media team, we can offer you organic social media management services across all major channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.


We provide a monthly content calendar packed with researched and relevant engaging content to support promoting your business services or products, all within your brand guidelines. We will ensure that all organic content we produce is firstly approved by you, posted on time, and any responses or questions that arise, are managed accordingly.


All our Social Media Management clients receive ongoing support, weekly updates, and easy-to-read monthly reports with recommendations on how to improve the strategy. We can post as much or as little as you like and on one or multiple platforms. We work as an extension of your team to support your business strategy.

Social Media Consultancy

We appreciate that businesses do not always understand which social media services they require or already have an in-house team that needs support, that is why we also offer first-class social media consultancy services.

This includes social media audits to see what is (or is not) working, social media strategy to support the findings and in-house social media training.

Social Media Creative production

We have an extensive network of photographers, videographers, animators, designers & copywriters that can creatively connect with your audience and tell your story engagingly and effectively.


Want to find out more? Visit the Instagram account of our parent company @handymarketingco or take a look at our services in more detail here

Social Media Advertising

Offering some of the best return on investment, we are advocates of social media advertising as a direct route to talk to existing and new audiences.


Our team will recommend the right advertising approach based on your goals, budgets and the kind of content that your target audience likes to consume from videos to product ads, according to the platform we are promoting on.


The effectiveness of social advertising is dependant on a few factors, which is why we will spend some time talking to you about this to ensure we create something great.

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